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Monitor an IBM i (OS/400) server as easily as any other server

An important part of any monitoring concept is the servers in the infrastructure. But there is still one server that is sometimes left out of a global monitoring concept: the IBM i server, also known as the OS/400 or iSeries. 

Analyzing Starlink speed and availability over 10 months with PRTG

 In March 2021, as a participant in Starlink's European beta program, I received a ground station and installed it on the roof of my house. Here are my observations after monitoring it for almost a full year. 

PRTG helped the University of Mosul deliver online learning during the pandemic

The challenge The COVID-19 pandemic has been a significant challenge that the University of Mosul IT team has had to deal with since the outbreak started. Due to lockdown restrictions, all students and staff have been working and learning remotely so the IT team has had to put in place collaborative tools, building monitors and adjust bandwidth according to staff needs and requirements.

15 things that make it easier for you to use PRTG (Part 3/3)

Welcome again to the third and last part of this blog series about 15 things in Paessler PRTG that can make your everyday use of PRTG easier. Have a look at the previous two articles in case you missed them. It's worth it! 😉

15 things that make it easier for you to use PRTG (Part 2/3)

Welcome to the second part of this blog series where I show you 15 things about PRTG that can make your everyday use of PRTG easier. If you missed the first part, which was about topics like ticketing system, libraries, viewing sensors by label or type, and tracking changes, I recommend you take a look here: 👉 15 things that make it easier for you to use PRTG (Part 1/3) Today I will show you 5 more interesting features and functions of Paessler PRTG that you may not know about. Here we go!

From a hunch to the root cause: a true sysadmin story

As a sysadmin, one of your greatest assets (that gets even better the more experience you have) is the ability to follow your hunches. Sometimes it’s a gut feeling about where a problem might lie. Or maybe it’s an idea for a solution that you can’t quite justify, but you just feel will work. In this sysadmin story, a hunch led to finding the root cause of a critical error that threatened to cost a construction materials company a lot of money.

15 things that make it easier for you to use PRTG (Part 1/3)

Paessler PRTG is powerful monitoring software that allows you to monitor your IT infrastructure holistically. In addition to reliable notifications through various channels, the ability to create meaningful maps and more than 250 native sensor types, PRTG also offers a variety of other features and functions. In this three-part series, I will show you 15 things in PRTG that you should know and that can make daily use easier. Here's what I'm covering in the first article: Ticketing system Libraries Sensors by tag Sensors by type Tracking of changes Let's start!

Monitoring FortiGate Firewalls with Paessler PRTG

The first time I had the opportunity to play with Fortinet devices, I asked myself: “How did I miss this? “ Fortinet provides quality hardware, user-friendly UIs, and easy-to-read documentation. They manufacture different products including FortiWifi, FortiAP, FortiAnalyzer, FortiDDoS, FortiGate, and others. This article is about FortiGate, powerful next-generation firewalls.

Truma secures its production, business processes, and IT with Derdack and PRTG

98% of Europeans recognize Truma as the leading manufacturer of innovative heating and mover systems for RVs. Thanks to its modern production facilities and the extensive experience of its agile teams, Truma is now one of the top 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. The company is based in Putzbrunn (a suburb of Munich) and employs more than 600 people worldwide to manufacture and market its products both in Germany and internationally.

PRTG v. 22.1.75 includes a new NetApp sensor, improvements and fixes

Paessler PRTG release 22.1.75 is available in the stable release channel and includes the NetApp System Health (beta) sensor, improvements for single sign-on, and many fixes. iUpdate On March, 24th we released an additional patched version of PRTG and the PRTG Desktop Client, which includes the OpenSSL update to version 1.0.2zd to patch the recently-discovered vulnerability. If you did not already apply the patch, we suggest you do so as soon as possible. For more details, have look here:👉 Is PRTG affected by CVE-2022-0778

4 Ways PRTG helps with monitoring convergent IT and OT

With an already long history in IT, Paessler PRTG has also been expanding into Operational Technology and IIoT. The idea is to help you manage the convergence of IT and OT in industrial environments by bringing all your monitoring data – be it from the factory floor, the front office or IIoT sensors – into one tool. PRTG does this by providing support for common industrial protocols and standards like Modbus, OPC UA, and MQTT on top of its legendary IT functionality. This makes PRTG useful for monitoring industrial environments, but how exactly can it be used for this? Here are four ways that PRTG can be used to monitor your IT, OT and IIoT data.

Notifications and alert handling in Paessler PRTG

Hi, my name is Paul Amoah, I work for the Presales EMEA team at Paessler, and I'm going to show you what notifications and alerts in Paessler PRTG are for in this article.

The Multi-Platform Probe now supports ARM based devices

A few weeks ago we introduced the new Multi-Platform Probe (early alpha), which allows you to install this probe additionally on non Windows-based platforms like Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS. Since PRTG version 22.1.74, which we released on February 1st, the Multi-Platform Probe now supports ARM based systems with either ARMv7 or AARCH64 architecture. My colleague Sascha also announced this in his article “First steps with the new Paessler PRTG Multi-Platform Probe”. This enables you to deploy your probe on systems like Raspberry Pi, AWS EC2 with Graviton CPU, and NAS systems, for example.

PRTG helped ALYN Hospital complete a major departmental restructuring during the COVID-19 pandemic

ALYN Hospital completed a major departmental restructuring by helping its IT team gain greater visibility of the functionality of its ventilators and life-saving machinery.

Monitor your SLAs with Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor

My name is Henk, and I work in the Presales team at Paessler. I'd like to introduce you to service level agreements (SLA) in general, and how you can monitor them easily with Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor.