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Monitor your entire storage system with PRTG

More and more data is being created worldwide every year. While 33 zettabytes of data were generated in 2018, forecasts predict that about 163 zettabytes will be generated in 2025. 20 percent of this will be critical for our everyday life and another 10 percent will be hypercritical, meaning necessary for the continuity of daily life. By 2025, every person in the world with Internet access will be interacting with networked devices on average 4,800 times a day - equivalent to one interaction every 18 seconds. This is mainly due to the rapid development of embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IOT).

11 Tips to help your users be better at Zoom

If you're a system administrator, you've probably had a lot to do with Zoom lately. In fact, in no time at all, the word "Zoom" has become a verb—as in, "Let's zoom about this tomorrow".

Top 5 most frequent challenges sysadmins face

Anyone who is in charge of a company's IT infrastructure has to deal with many different topics. In addition to projects, the main focus is on the smooth operation of the network. A disruption not only annoys the employees but can also have financial consequences for the company.

PRTG version 20.2.58 includes PRTG Enterprise Console remover

I'm a bit late in introducing you to the most interesting features of PRTG version 20.2.58. The release has been available for download in the stable channel since the end of April, and you probably already have it up and running. The reason for my delayed reporting is - apart from the fact that I had some vacation time in between - that we are busy working on version 20.2.59. This one contains new sensors and I can hardly wait for the release date. 😊

The 5 reasons why PRTG is the solution of choice for CCTV monitoring

Digital transformation is bringing equipment like CCTV devices into our networks. If this intricate network of devices and systems goes down, major problems could occur. A monitoring solution like PRTG Network Monitor can help to prevent downtime and give IT teams, as well as the security or facility maintenance teams, peace of mind.

HCI, Nutanix and visibility with PRTG

What was once considered a buzz word just a few years ago has now become a dominant force in data centers around the world. Hyper convergence or Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is the next evolution in abstraction within server infrastructure.

Monitor your AWS costs with PRTG

Do you use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for anything, anything at all really? If so, you’ve likely had a bill or two be much more costly than expected. Or maybe you’ve just paid them without actually knowing if they were way too expensive! It’s almost like they want you to overspend.

Everything there is to know about managing your WiFi bandwidth

Bandwidth monitoring and management is a useful way to understand and make the best use of the bandwidth you have, and to identify potential bandwidth problems. Here's some general information about bandwidth and how to really get the most out of your WiFi – and what PRTG Network Monitor can do for you.

Know when Zoom is down with PRTG

For many of us, meetings that used to happen in person are now happening virtually since much of the world has switched to working remotely. Because we are relying so heavily on conducting important business meetings over online meeting platforms, monitoring the availability of those online services is more important than ever.

Monitoring Microsoft Direct Access with PRTG

In the time of global crisis affected by COVID-19, where many companies are working from home, there are different technologies used by end-users to remotely access corporate network infrastructure. These include different types of VPNs and Direct Access. The health of the network infrastructure and the quality of the remote connections is directly related to the business and customer satisfaction. Based on this, it is highly important to have all business services up and running. The proper medicine is in being proactive and monitoring and managing the health state of remote connections by using the right monitoring tool, PRTG Network Monitor. We have already discussed how PRTG can monitor VPN connections before. If you missed it, check this link.

Monitoring from home with PRTG: 3 things to watch in your IT network

The recent move towards remote work in the past few weeks has been nothing short of tremendous. In most cases, IT departments all over the world have just about worked miracles to get it all working (just like ours did). But, as any IT administrator will tell you: the battle is not over. Because it’s one thing to get this all up and running, but another thing to keep it up and running. 

Go big with Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor

The challenges with monitoring large IT environments are plentiful: often the infrastructure is distributed over multiple locations, you probably have hundreds or even thousands of devices to monitor, and you are usually dealing with multiple monitoring solutions and hardware manufacturers. Additionally, many devices provide their own dashboards, which means that you have more than one place to look when you are troubleshooting problems or performing diagnostics.

IoT – Is it a hype?

In my opinion, right now there's way too much hype on the technologies and not enough attention to the real businesses behind them. (Mark Cuban) Technological hypes have the interesting characteristics of being both devastating and significant. They can disruptively cause entire companies to cease to exist virtually overnight, and perhaps at the same time show what society and the economy are most diseased by. If you follow the buzzword "IoT" in publications, new products and general price developments on the market, you might suspect that IoT  has been a more or less pronounced hype for quite some time now; but is that right?

Paessler BitDecoder presented in a keynote at the embedded world 2020

We already announced the launch of the Paessler BitDecoder a few months ago. Here we present to you what there is to know about the Paessler BitDecoder in the form of a keynote video from the embedded world 2020.

All you need to know about PRTG Release 20.1.57 (and some additional updates…)

It's not that long ago that I wrote about PRTG release 20.1.56 here in the blog. Due to the worldwide COVID-19 situation, I also got a bit confused regarding times and priorities. How we as a company continue to work in these stormy times, and what tips we have for you, you can read here: